Real estate development, consulting & advising, project management, and more.

In real estate, making the right decision is key. Onu Ventures Inc. is pleased to provide expert guidance in various areas of real estate development projects. We are in full alignment with our clients’ desire to achieve their real estate development goals with effectiveness and efficiency.


Understanding your real estate opportunity is critical to your success. We work to provide our clients with right information to make the right decision, such as:

  • Extensive analysis of potential development sites including assessing zoning regulations, topography, utilities, and other mitigating factors.
  • Due diligence reviews of legal, financial, and environmental information as it pertains to the land, including title reports, existing liens, and environmental assessments.
  • Feasibility studies of the local real estate market, evaluating demand & supply, determining potential success, identifying ideal target markets, and estimating potential ROI.
  • Create detailed financial projections, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow projections, to evaluate the financial risks & returns of a project


As a full-service real estate development firm, Onu Ventures engages in the acquisition, development, and disposition of all traditional types of real estate in the Sun Belt region. We develop transformative assets to help create new, vibrant communities through strategic planning & innovative design.


With our extensive experience in the Dallas-Fort Worth & Greater Houston areas, we have a deep understanding of working with various local communities & governments in regards to regulations, permits, communication, and more.

  • Work closely with local municipalities and necessary government agencies on behalf of our clients to ensure all necessary permits and approvals are obtained for the project.
  • Help clients mitigate the rezoning process, variance requests, and other factors that will affect the progress of a project
  • Engage with and gain support from the community by conducting public meetings, open houses, and other outreach efforts to gather feedback and input on the project.


As everyone in real estate knows, securing financing for your project is often a complex step. Onu Ventures works with essential partners to identify potential sources of funding as well as assist in securing financing for not only the project, but also the infrastructure to support the project.

  • Work with engineers and financial experts to plan and finance the necessary infrastructure improvements for the project, including roads, utilities, and other public facilities.
  • Work with lenders, investors, and other funding sources to secure financing. Onu Ventures will deliver all pertinent budgeting information and proforma to ensure the client has all information to receive funding.


A successful project always starts with the effective planning and execution of a plan. To execute that plan, you need to have a timely process in place.

  • We work with architects and engineers to create detailed site plans, building plans, and engineering reports.
  • We oversee the construction process, including coordinating with the contractors and builders, ensuring that the project is being built to the specified design, and managing the budget and schedule during the construction process.

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