Real Estate Development

We are on a mission to develop transformative assets to help create new, vibrant communities in underserved and marginalized areas.

Onu Ventures is a full-service real estate development firm active in the acquisition, development, and disposition of various types of real estate in the Sun Belt region. We specialize in developing projects from the ground-up around Texas in various asset classes including single-family, multifamily, commercial, and hospitality. Through careful due diligence, strategic partnerships, and competitive financing structures, we turn ambitious visions into viable realities.


When it comes to design, our approach is simple: design for the future, but price for the present. Why? Because as modern developers, we have to be thoughtful of how people will live, work, and play in the developments we build while at the same time be price conscious for our assets.


Putting the boots on the ground and getting the community involved is essential to the success of any development. At Onu Ventures, we go into each project with an open mind. That is why we find it important to engage to community to inform us what is wanted and/or needed in their area. From there, it becomes our job to meet those wants & needs in our design.


We analyze deals in reverse order, first identifying our target demographic and price point to identify what is the “safest” asset for this location. Coupled with our current resources and innovative design, we are able to reduce risk by being the best quality product at the same price point as what is currently in the market.

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